Temme Scott Debuts Music Video For Achingly Rugged Single “The Silent One”

Temme Scott

Watch L.A. based songwriter Temme Scott stand still amidst a flurry of chaos in the music video for her latest single “The Silent One.”

Much like the rest of her tunes, “The Silent One” is written in an entirely autobiographical style—evoking wistfulness and brute strength. The single takes cold and bitter emotions and turns them into a complex picture of what healing can actually mean. Scott states, “The Silent One’ is about major rejection. I’ve never written such a simple song about something so complex before. It’s a little mean, but writing it was damn fun. It’s about knowing you gotta shut the fuck up in order to heal. It’s like, “Damn, I really do wanna talk to you, but I’m gonna stay quiet. I’ve gotta!”

The song evokes a sense of pride in a type of stoicism that is necessary to mend the cracks that have developed after a serious heartbreak.

Throughout the video, Scott is silent, removed, and in her own world.

Meanwhile, all of her friends team up in their lair to win the badge of “The Most Supportive”—mostly in a tongue-in-cheek way. Though Scott is caught in her own head, the ones she loves are swift around her and are quick to catch her if she falls.

With its anthemic and catchy chorus, you may find yourself singing along as you watch the video.

Watch Temme Scott’s Video for “The Silent One”

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