Noelle Scaggs Debuts Solo Project with Heartbreaking Anthem Featuring BRÅVES

noelle scaggs

Noelle Scaggs, known best as a member of Fitz and the Tantrums, has just announced her solo project with the brand new single, “Great For You.” It comes as the first of many songs that Scaggs has been working on around the Tantrums busy schedule. “Great For You” is an anthem featuring the pleading falsetto of BRÅVES, and you can listen to it below.

While her early career co-writes were just blind fun, this track feels deeply and fully heartbroken. She begs for someone to relate to her and tell her that everything will be fine, yet she has come to terms with the dysfunction of her relationship. “You’re no good for me, but I’d be great for you,” she asserts before asking for forgiveness amid an experience which she describes as “losing [her] mind.” BRÅVES delivers an emphatic falsetto engulfed by its own pain; his voice complements Scaggs’ desperate warbles. She knows how to wield the power of downtempo electro pop in what amounts to a beautifully memorable debut. 

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