KERA and Devendra Banhart Join Forces on Hopeful New Song, Proceeds To Benefit Trans Charities

Emphatic folk songwriter KERA (fka Kera and the Lesbians) recently revealed a new recording of a song they penned years ago. “Bright Future Ahead” features some additional vocals by friend and now collaborator, Devendra Banhart; all proceeds for the song will be donated to Trans Lifeline. To celebrate the release, KERA will perform at Vocal Lab in Boyle Heights on Feb 23 alongside Sea of Bees and M. Duffy (Hand Habits), including DJ sets from Banhart and Lauren Fay. The event will benefit the Trans Wellness Center; find more info here.

“Bright Future Ahead” is soft and intimate. The multiple guitar melodies gently pull us into a sea of fog, where KERA and Banhart whisper into our ears without us catching their silhouettes. They are company for the lonely: despite being invisible, they create a sense of community. A demo of the track came out in 2016 as a way to support Dreamers when Drumpf threatened DACA. There have of course been countless other threats to marginalized groups made by this administration, so the song remains relevant. Listen to remember that you are not alone.

“’BRIGHT FUTURE AHEAD’ is the urgency to live unapologetically. A paradox between the helplessness in today’s political status quo and the need to support one another. This song is written with the intention of offering encouragement, community, and resilience to all who listen.” KERA

Find more information about the event at Vocal Lab here and in the flyer below. Follow KERA on Facebook and Instagram. Follow Devendra Banhart on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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