Devendra Banhart spices up The Mayan after sharing some political commentary

Devendra Banhart, Farah Sosa

Devendra Banhart at The Mayan – Photo: Farah Sosa

When going to a Devendra Banhart show I am always conflicted between closing my eyes and drifting away with his fine lyricism and lovely sounds, or if to keep them open and take it all in as one of those “you had to be there” experiences. The Mayan Theatre was the epicenter of a fantastic Tuesday night, easing up the tension of these difficult times. The show was sold-out and sigh after sigh occupied the room.

The performance was not only lovely but it was also bilingual. The multitalented Venezuelan-American, Devendra Banhart also ceased the occasion to share his political perspective with a loud and clear “Fuck Trump, let’s disco!” transitioning to his very danceable disco song “Fig in Leather.” Although he sang many of his latest album Ape in Pink Marbles, he kept the balance with crowd favorites. From start-to-finish the audience sang along to “Mi Negrita,” melted with “Quédate Luna / Stay Moon” and requested over and over “It’s a Sight to be Hold.” Banhart’s live band was absolutely on point and the darkness of the night and space felt less divided. If you are going to Coachella, make sure to add Devendra Barnhart to your must-see list.

Photography and Words: Farah Sosa


Devendra Barnhart, Farah Sosa Devendra Banhart at The Mayan – Photo: Farah Sosa

Devendra Banhart, Farah SosaDevendra Banhart at The Mayan – Photo: Farah Sosa

Devendra BanhartDevendra Banhart at The Mayan – Photo: Farah Sosa


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