Premiere: Beware “Thieves” of SAÍGO’s Moody New Single

Photo by Louise Westbrooke

As far as local artists go, SAÍGO may be one of the most thoughtful. Each message he conveys means something personally and is capable of fostering a dialogue across a myriad subjects. His newest single is called “Thieves,” but the only thing it means to steal is your heart. Listen to it exclusively below.

“Each of us knows a thousand faces, but we’re lucky to truly trust a few souls. As we unravel the threads of each others’ personalities, we learn how to love and protect each other. Life may steal all you own, but a good relationship is like a backup drive for the inner self. As long as you have someone who understands you, you can always start over from scratch.”

To feel alone in a crowd is to feel human. SAÍGO has been through it, hence the verses on the new track, and he is here to remind us that a support system will make all the difference. The brass that lifts the chorus shimmers through the song like light into a mirror; “Thieves” dances with drum machines and the Vietnamese-American artist’s own falsetto. When he cries for help, he acknowledges that he is not alone. In a way he becomes our support, there to keep our secrets when we feel taken advantage of in our own lives.

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