Snowball ii

Los Angeles-based rock band Snowball ii have premiered a new song in the form of “Lost in Juarez,” a heady piece of noisy-shoegaze that meanders on the edge of Jackson Wargo’s droning. The song is off the band’s upcoming record Eaton Super 10 and writhes with a kind of unmitigated angst and lucidness—interluded heavily with crashing guitar-percussion cascades—that makes it a dreamy mess of emotion. The record of which “Lost in Juarez” is apart of promises to be a collection of discerning little worlds, each in some way inspired by the artwork of street artist Steve ESPO Powers.

“I originally wrote ‘Lost in Juarez’ for a collection of songs based on some of Stephen Powers’ paintings.  As I was writing, the songs more or less wrote themselves into a number of other projects, one of which is Eaton Super 10.  I was able to have Stephen Powers do the cover art for Eaton Super 10, so I guess he actually ended up doing a painting based on songs I wrote, instead of the other way around.”

Listen to “Lost in Juarez” below!

Snowball ii will be playing a record release show for Eaton Super 10 at the Resident in Los Angeles on May 4. The album itself is out April 12. Visit the band’s website and Facebook to stay updated on future releases and tour announcements.

Snowball ii
Snowball ii artwork