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Munya—the chosen moniker of Québécois producer, singer/songwriter, and performer Josie Boivin—she recently shared the third installment of her EP trilogy in the form of Blue Pine. The EP is a lush trifecta of songs texturized by Boivin’s obvious enamor for dreamy-synth pieces brought to life through her equally sublime, bilingual lyricism. Think Melody’s Echo Chamber minus any extravagant meandering through the atmospherics. Even through all the sleek lucidity of its carnival of synths, Munya’s focus lays itself irrevocably on Boivin’s buoyant croons.

Even if Blue Pine is your first taste of Munya, the three-song EP is gorgeous enough to have you swooning for her by its end. From the winding, flittering ballad that is its title-track, to the light-grooves and French-English switch-footing on “Benjamin” and the shimmering tones and Boivin’s ethereal cries in “It’s All About You,” Munya mingles a tender fascination with 50-60s songstresses and a polished mastery of multi-genre-pop production that pins her songs with an almost cinematic quality.

Munya’s two previous EPs—Delmano and North Hatley—build on the same organic, dynamo of sound that so characterizes her music. “Des Bisous Partout” off the latter is a jumpy, bass-bumbling track that sees Boivin delivering in her luminous French; while Delmano—so named after a hotel in Williamsburg—and its title-track drifts purposefully in a simple but oh-so affecting medley of driving drums, glowing synth-backing, and the singer’s effervescent vocals.

In fact, each of Munya’s EPs is named after a place significant to her: North Hatley for a village in her native Quebec, Blue Pine for Twin Peak’s imaginary Blue Pine Mountains.

A self-titled collection of all three EPs,MUNYA has also been released alongside the completion of the trilogy. It features all six tracks from the previous releases and the three new songs off Blue Pine—and we haven’t yet stopped listening to it since it dropped.

Order Blue Pine and MUNYA here. Visit her website and Facebook to stay updated on future releases and announcements.

Listen to “Blue Pine” off Munya’s latest EP and from her new self-titled, full-length release below!

After quite the successful run at SXSW, Munya is playing a couple of East Coast dates starting today. We’re hoping she gets booked in Los Angeles very soon! She performed this past December at The Echo with Cults.

Munya tour:


Munya tracklisting:
Des Bisous Partout
Some More
Blue Pine
It’s All About You
Trop Tard
Hotel Delmano
If I’m Gone Tomorrow (It’s Because of Aliens)