PREMIERE: Bubbly New Single from Dresage and G.Smith is a Feminist Bop

Dresage. Photo by: Lissyelle Laricchia

Can there be too many feminist anthems? Dresage and G.Smith don’t think so; in fact, they recently collaborated on a new one called “Therapy,” which Grimy Goods has the pleasure to premiere today. It is a happy compromise between their production styles, where every bubbling moment holds something bold and new. Drink up the new song’s empowerment below.

“Therapy” is a fully female written, produced & mastered single by Los Angeles artist/producers Dresage and G.Smith. The song is a melodic battle cry for this generation of women stepping outside of the social construct while acknowledging the constant game of cat and mouse we all play with our own mental health in the process.

G.Smith. Photo courtesy of the artist

There could be no better self-care than shirking whatever advice we are fed by the fashion or diet industries. “Therapy” is based on the idea that dealing with your problems entails more than holding crystals and applying make-up, even though confronting our mental health is not nearly as fun or cool. It’s hard for anyone—especially in this business—to maintain their sanity, and historically, the burden has fallen harder on women (and anyone who doesn’t identify as male). Now is the time to stand up and, as Dresage and G.Smith do, reject any suggestions to “settle down.”

Dresage is not a new force on the scene, though she has had quite a come-up recently, which earned her a space in Grimy Goods’ artists to watch in 2019. Little did we realize that she would be sharing her spotlight with other powerful female producers—not that it comes as much of a surprise. G.Smith soars on this single, proving her own worth as an artist to watch. Separately, they helm diverse pop-influenced projects, but together they prove that the future is female.

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words by: Zoë Elaine

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