Forecast: 15 Los Angeles Bands / Artists to Watch in 2019

2019 los angeles artists to watch


It’s that time of year where Grimy Goods rolls out their annual forecast of Los Angeles artists / bands to watch in the new year. This year we’ve selected 15 Los Angeles bands to watch, and a few worthy honorable mentions. Like every year, our annual forecast features up-and-coming Los Angeles (area) indie bands, lesser known acts and singer-songwriters. We’ve either featured these acts on our pages, and / or caught them live as an opening act. These L.A. bands caught our attention not only though their music, but the content that comes along with it — such as music videos, honest / #realtalk Instagrams,e putting in WERK at local venues and just loving what they do and showing an honest commitment to it. Whether raucous punk, lulling serenades or feel-good indie pop — Grimy Goods’ annual forecast of L.A. bands and artists to watch dips through the entire spectrum of sounds. As always, we only deliver the goods.

Past Grimy Goods forecasts have featured rising Los Angeles acts such as Bishop Briggs, The Marias, Twin Temple, Lauren Ruth Ward, Ella Vos, Holy Wars, The Regrettes, Alexandra Savior, Ryn Weaver, Gallant, Meg Myers, Girlpool, Odessa, Death Valley Girls, BANKS and more. You can view all our past forecasts here.

We’re super excited for the trajectory of these Los Angeles bands. They’ve hustled the past year and 2019 is looking full of highs. Check it out.

~ Sandra Burciaga Olinger

[All selections were made by Sandra Olinger and written by Grimy Goods writers: Steven Ward, Zoe Elaine Brown, Sonia Nuno, Patricia Sanchez and Sandra Olinger.]

Laura Jean Anderson

Laura Jean Anderson

Photo Credit: Ellyn Jameson

Laura Jean Anderson Makes Americana for Souls that Need Mending

For the Olympia-born, LA-based songwriter, Laura Jean Anderson, 2018 was a huge year—especially in context. Anderson came into herself after a trip to South America, which inadvertently left her penniless. She managed to busk her way back, earning enough money performing on the streets of Peru to buy a plane ticket back home and teaching her that her talent really can earn her a living. The next piece of the puzzle was developing a distinct songwriting style, which came naturally to Anderson. Her debut EP is a tangle of inner reflections set to innovative Americana stylings.

Titled Lonesome No More, the new EP launched to indie acclaim, and it will surely be remembered as a landmark for its emotional depth. Her first single was propelled by the heat of the #MeToo movement into one of the year’s most inspired singles, “Silence Won’t Help Me Now.” As she told the 405, the bridge began as stream-of-consciousness lyrical note but actually turned out to embody the spirit of the song. More broadly, waves of social upheaval have colored Lonesome No More into the bold declaration of strength in the face of adversity.

This year, Anderson played numerous shows at formal venues like the Bootleg, a marked step up from her time spent busking on the streets of Peru. Her live show is genuine, filled with her effortless twanging vocals and an uplifting energy that will stay with you the next day. Her final show of the year is in her hometown of Olympia on December 27, but 2019 holds new music and possibly more local shows to go along with it.

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