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Reyna Tropical

reyna tropical

Reyna Tropical at The Novo — Photo by Farah Sosa

Reyna Tropical are the Latin-Afro-tropical Beat-Makers You need to Start 2019 Off Right

Fresh off opening for Columbian act Bomba Estéreo, duo Reyna Tropical only have one EP to their name but that hasn’t stopped them from being the premiere Latin-meets-Afro-tropical-electronica that should be dominating your playlists right now. Under the guidance of Fabi Reyna and Sumohair, the band’s self-titled EP ends being criminally short with four sublime songs, but the inevitable desire it leaves you with for more shouldn’t keep you away. Reyna Tropical’s vocals, offered in a fluid co-mingling of Spanish and English words, are overlayed by Sumohair’s electronically-warm melodies and make for the kind of soothing jams suited as much for summer evenings as well as late-night bedroom soirees. Songs like “Niña” and “Mas Y Mas” rumble tenderly forward on a collection of tropically-hued instrumentals, complete with dizzy percussion tumbles and glowing guitar lines, all the while Reyna’s lucid croons continue to twirl just as much around their winding melodies.

Reyna Tropical is just another band in an ever-growing list of Latin-rooted artists to infuse the music of their culture into that of other genres. Not only is it a delightful cultural and musical melding that often creates something new, but it also dispels any notion that the voices, sounds, and stories of other identity groups are somehow so different as to be unrelatable. Reyna Tropical is not only relatable but purveyors of some of the best dance-ready beats to hit the airwaves in 2018. The duo has big plans for 2019, with tons of new music and shows slated to be announced. A new track will be released sometime in January as well.

“We have a very unorthodox way of doing things, we don’t have a manager or record label and therefore have a lot of flexibility as to releasing music and planning shows,” the duo said of their plans for next year. “As you may know, every track is one session of improvisation…and it’s fairly easy for us to record music and release. It’s just a matter of me flying to Portland or Fabi flying to L.A.”

Visit the Reyna Tropical’s website and Instagram to stay updated on future releases and tour announcements.

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