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Sam Valdez

sam valdez

Dreaming of the Desert with Sam Valdez

Earlier this year, Grimy Goods premiered an authentic spaghetti Western record from Trabants,

a band with origins closer to the Amazon than the Mojave. But Sam Valdez grew up in that Nevada desert, and her music is truly a modern analogue to the genre. Her songwriting has steady roots in West Coast Americana, which draws on shoegaze and folk music too.

Valdez released her debut EP at the end of June and even just reflecting on the title Mirage—conjures arid imagery. The release includes intoxicating singles “It’s Alright” and “Farther Away,” which each illustrate her ability for captivating lyricism and hip-shaking instrumentation. Yet, reverence for sad icons like Sufjan Stevens and Sylvia Plath resonate clearly throughout her work. Valdez is a tangle of easygoing complexity.

Sam Valdez just played the Bootleg this past December 20, prior to that gig you may have seen Valdez play School Night or at the Moroccan Lounge. She’s a rising star with an intoxicating, sultry voice that spellbinds at every breath and croon. With wholesome words fixed to warm your heart, 2019 will be a promising year for Sam Valdez. She has some unannounced gigs slated for next spring, and is already knee-deep into recording her next record.

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