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Egg Drop Soup

egg drop soup

Egg Drop Soup Find Peace and Punk Rock in the Unknown

“Ugh, we’re drunk…it’s time to go” is the first line we hear on Egg Drop Soup’s four-song EP, recorded live at Golden Beat Recording Studio in Glassell Park. It’s very fitting considering the three words lead singer and bassist Samantha Westervelt uses to describe said EP—live drunken chaos. Olivia Saperstein (guitar / backing vocals) and Greg Settino (drums) round out the Los Angeles-based punk rock trio.

There’s a raw energy to Egg Drop Soup music. Heavy bass lines and frenetic drum rhythms lay down the foundation for lyrics being spewed from a frothing mouth. Inspired by the topsy-turvy current state of the world, themes of identity, self-worth, and feminism (which isn’t surprising considering the band’s name is a euphemism for menstruation) run deep. Lead single “Partying Alone” (Grimy Goods’ previously premiered) is a big “F you” to conforming when all you want to do is be yourself, by yourself. Standout track “P.M.S.” waxes poetic about “trying to fit in and losing yourself in the process.” Sam Westervelt expounds on how the Socrates quote “I know that I know nothing” was the inspiration for the track: “And in looking back at who I could have become at that point in my life, it just popped in my head. Is it even possible to ‘know’ something? To know someone? To know your ‘self’? These are the kinds of thoughts that run through my mind. And it’s really one of the most humbling, terrifying, perhaps depressing, and certainly liberating notions around, that none of us can truly know anything for certain.”

If you missed their December residency at Bigfoot Lodge East, Egg Drop Soup will stop by Lot 1 on January 29th (with pals Planet What). They’ll also be shooting another music video, and planning a tour for the spring.

Follow Egg Drop Soup via their Facebook and Instagram.

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