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Genre-Blending Pop Trio WILD Are One Debut Album Away From Breakout Status

With the release of their debut EP Lace & Layers back in November, Los Angeles trio WILD stole a number of hearts with their technicolor-laden, giddy pop sentiments. Like other similarly spirited bands such as MisterWives, WILD rest their heads on the kind of enthused, larger-than-life melodies that lean on a variety of genres, from soul to folk, to inject an insatiable and infectious breath of life into their music. The trio, comprised of singer Lauren Luiz, Tyler Thompson, and Zach Daegatano, have all the makings of a breakout pop-act, and songs like “Make It Alright” and “I’ll Let You Know” really hammer home a sense of endearing joyousness that is poured out in their songs. While “Summer,” another one off their EP, unravels itself as the perfect summer-winter transition track.

While an album might not yet be on the way just yet, the band does have plans to release new music in early Spring of next year, as well as to embark on a tour. They’ll be coming to an intimate venue near you soon, so be sure to catch their anthemic pop energies while it’s still contained to such. We have a feeling the moment their debut LP is given a thorough listen to they’ll be opening up for your favorite acts all over the country.

Visit the band’s website and Facebook to stay updated on future releases and tour announcements.

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