WILD let their colors gush in new video for “I’ll Let You Know”

Los Angeles trio WILD takes the familiar elements of modern pop music and unabashedly breathes new life into what has been previously trite and desensitizing. With a penchant for grandiose melodies, sweeping harmonies, stomping percussiveness–all injected with an infectiously delirious love for all things alive, growing, moving–WILD doubles-down on their folk-pop deliveries in spectacular fashion. Comprised of Lauren Luiz, Tyler Thompson, Zach Daegatano, the group echoes some of the same bombastic excitement and pop-fusions as MisterWives, another revivalist of pop’s more over-used tropes. It’s hard not seeing WILD taking a similarly successful route.

With the release of their debut EP Lace & Layers last week, the band has also unveiled a video to accompany their song “I’ll Let You Know.” A technicolor gushing of enthused hope and perseverance, the video is a colorful imagining of the bright sentiments that exist behind the song; as well as the band’s own personalities. Luiz and Daegatano’s vocals soar in their mildly brooding melancholy before thundering with the chorus into something charged with such hopeful bliss–all the while surrounded by the gold, red, green hues that they begin to disappear into.

WILD will be celebrating the release of their EP Lace & Layers on November 19 at the Bardot in Los Angeles. Visit the band’s website and Facebook to stay updated on future releases and tour announcements.

Watch the video for WILD’s song “I’ll Let You Know” below!

Lace & Layers tracklist:

1. Just Begun

2. Make It Alright

3. Summer

4. Here We Go

5. I’ll Let You know

6. Brighter Side

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