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Rituals of Mine

Rituals of Mine

Rituals of Mine — Photo: Jeffrey LaTour

Rituals of Mine Bring the Darkly Visceral into the Light

After releasing their debut album Devoted back in 2016, duo Rituals of Mine have spent the interim two years garnering something of a cult following with their kinetic brand of electronic R&B. Led by the vocal powerhouse Terra Lopez, Rituals of Mine oozes a feral intimacy in their music that splits the difference between the deeply personal and the outward socio-political contexts of the individual. Their recent single “No Time To Go Numb” is an affecting attempt to capture the frustration and subsequent sense of defiance that comes with addressing the state of the marginalized today. It’s also a riveting cascade of electronica cut-to-pieces by Lopez’s sharp lyricism. The duo just tore it up at the Resident in DTLA and although it was their last show of the year, 2019 holds the promise of new music from the band.

Their yet untitled sophomore album is slated for a possible release sometime next year, along with plans to play more international shows and collaborations with other artists. Lopez wants to make their follow-up to Devoted the “rawest” of records, which seems like an ambitious goal considering just how emotionally visceral their first album was.

“Right now our goal is to finish our sophomore record. We have a lot of material for it but we are re-writing, fine-tuning and really taking our time,” Lopez said of the band’s goals for 2019. “We are pushing ourselves in a lot of ways that we haven’t before – lyrically, sonically, etc so I’m really excited to share this in 2019. That is going to take up the winter months for us and then releasing new music in the spring while touring, playing shows as much as we can. It’s going to be a year filled with a lot of work.”

Visit Rituals Of Mine’s Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on future releases and tour announcements.

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