Renew Your Resistance with New Single from Rituals of Mine and Tickets to Their Upcoming Show at Resident

Rituals of Mine

Photo by Jeffrey LaTour

Dark electronic duo Rituals of Mine is fresh off a tour with Garbage and they have immediately hit the pavement since settling back in. They are in the middle of writing a sophomore LP to follow up their acclaimed debut, Devoted, and they have no plans to stop performing. New dates in San Francisco and their hometown of LA have recently been announced, in addition to their appearance at Treefort coming next March. Their new song is a cherry on top of the news, though it will fill you up as if it were the full sundae. 

I tell myself every night,” lead singer Terra Lopez sings in the new single as a machine gurgles her words back. The message of the track is clear from the lyrics, but a quick way to understand the defiantly anti-Drumpf single is through its title: “No Time To Go Numb.” Lopez wrote the song on Inauguration Day 2016, still reeling from the pain of the campaign—but everyone had yet to experience the unspeakable cruelty of Drumpf’s administration. With that in mind, it serves as the perfect resistance song; it takes heavy emotions and churns them into inspiration, if only for survival. Expect it to be on heavy rotation for the next two years.

“I wanted to address things that stay on my mind: the mediocrity of men and how our society treats womxn, the strength of the LGBTQ community and the resiliency of POC. I’m angry but also hopeful and ready to fight, to keep fighting. I’m so tired of seeing the same shit repeat itself—it’s time we set the bar higher. This song is an anthem for the LGBTQ community, to womxn and to people of color. We carry so much on our shoulders, on our hearts. And this current administration continues to burden us and place us in danger, so we have to stick together. This is my way of showing up for us.” – Terra Lopez

See Rituals of Mine at Resident on December 6th with VOWWS; grab tickets. Find their other live dates with ticket links on their website. Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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