Foo Fighters, Cal Jam 18

Foo Fighters, Cal Jam 18 — Photo: ZB Images

Dave Grohl chose a pleasantly cool and loudy day for his second annual Cal Jam Fest. Taking place at the the Glen Helen Amphitheater in San Bernardino, Cal Jam Fest 18 featured some rock legends and jaw-dropping surprises. Here are some first impressions (notes) from our photographer Kim Zsebe’s (aka ZB Images) perspective.

Thunder Pussy: Part rock-n-roll, part dance revue, all-lady band. Solid opener.

King Fish: Guitar virtuoso a la B.B. King

Fea: looks like they are having a blast

Slaves, Cal Jam 18

Slaves, Cal Jam 18 — Photo: ZB Images

Slaves UK: First band to really make a solid impression. Lots of power coming out of this british duo dressed in dirty whites. High energy, punk, loud, explosive. Looks like a couple of brawlers but with a sensitive side demanding the audience and photographers hug the people next to them.

Giants in The Trees: Ah, the lead singer dressed like a hippie she’s playing a banjo. Back up singers in leopard. Older dude playing harmonica is a weird pairing with these ladies. OH SHIT Krist Novoselic is the bass player AND THEN DAVE GROHL CAME OUT AND PLAYED DRUMS! AHHHH

Yung Blud: Who is this handsome fella in the pink stripes? He’s so smiley. He’s fun I like this dude.

Gang Of Youths: Forgot I knew this band. Far less positive than the last time I shot them at the Moroccan lounge. A bit combative with the crowd most of which didn’t know they are huge in Australia.

Metz: Classic Gen X punky grunge. I’ve been told they are very nice dudes.

Greta Van Fleet: Lots of hype with this band. Dude definitely has a stadium rock voice but he’s no Robert Plant who he is often compared to. Biggest problem, they felt artificial and it took editing the pics to figure out why, they are too clean. Perfect haircuts, perfect teeth, brand new clothes and accessories none of which look lived in at all. It makes it all seem like a costumed 70’s tribute act. Would love to hear them play something that is more their own. Also one can not play stadium rock in birkenstocks.

Garbage shirley manson, Cal Jam 18

Garbage, Cal Jam 18 — Photo: ZB Images

Garbage: Only goddess, Shirley Manson could intimidate the weather of Southern California to rain on cue the moment she sings “I’m only happy when it rains.” Loved her look and red warrior makeup!

Tenacious D: yep that’s Tenacious D. huh, they have real deal fans.

Iggy Pop with Post Pop Depression (aka Queens of the Stone Age): Only Iggy Pop could have QOTSA as his backing band. A bucket list show. Iggy pop is a king! I don’t know if there is another human on Earth who has maintained their youth inside an aging body to the extent Iggy has. He is a gift to us all. “Lust for Life” indeed!

Iggy Pop as Post pop Depression, Cal Jam 18

Iggy Pop as Post Pop Depression, Cal Jam 18 — Photo: ZB Images

Foo Fighters: Hit after hit going further and further into their 20+ year catalogue. There are adults here who were not born when Foo Fighters formed! How can that be? Dave asks “Who here has never seen us before?” a bunch of hands go up “Oh.. Cool… Thanks for waiting 25 fuckin years” 😉 Continuing back through time until it happend… the Foo Fighters had played all their hits and left the stage.

…moments later…

Dave appears on the large screens a live stream from backstage… He is standing with Pat Smear and Krist Novoselic…. NIRVANA!!! Dave signs 1 more song? (listens for screams) 2 more? 3 more? 4 more? 5 more? 6 MORE??? He pulls John McCauley (singer from Deer Tick) and JOAN JETT into the frame and we all know what comes next…..

Foo Fighters Nirvana tribute with Deer Tick's John McCauly

Foo Fighters Nirvana tribute with Deer Tick’s John McCauley, Cal Jam 18 — Photo: ZB Images

John McCauley starts:
-“Serve the Servants” — crowd loses their minds
-“Scentless Apprentice” — brains liquefying
-“In Bloom” — brains leak out ears…
Queen Joan Jett comes out and slings on a guitar…
-“Breed” — audience dies
-“Teen Spirit-All Apologies” — audience ascends to heaven en mass

Photography:  ZB Images

Yung Blud, Cal Jam 18 — Photo: ZB Images

Metz, Cal Jam 18 — Photo: ZB Images

Iggy Pop as Post pop Depression, Cal Jam 18 — Photo: ZB Images

Foo Fighters Nirvana tribute with Joan Jett, Cal Jam 18 — Photo: ZB Images

Foo Fighters, Cal Jam 18 — Photo: ZB Images

Cal Jam 18 — Photo: ZB Images

Cal Jam 18 — Photo: ZB Images

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