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O Future

O Future

O Future Will Expand on This Year’s Singles for an Oddball LP and More

If you missed the video premiere back in September, then you may not be familiar with the bizarre brilliance of O Future. They are an impactful duo, one that is filled with surprises. They put out a couple of new songs, each with respective elaborate music video, and next year is sure to hold much more.

For an oddball band, O Future goes the extra mile, which has earned them some acclaim. Speaking about their recent songs, their songwriting has had roots in peculiar subjects: medieval anchorite nuns and synesthesia, mainly. Their music videos have been equally as intense. The execution of their ideas works flawlessly too, given the generous production and genuine lyrics.

The band’s talent has long been known, though possibly by another name or simply subconsciously; they have performed as OOFJ and wrote music for the film Melancholia, among other projects. Next year they will continue to compose for films while also keeping up the momentum of their singles from this year. An album is on the horizon. It will be accompanied by many local shows.

For more information about O Future direct from the source, follow the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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