DeathByRomy Cuts the Soundtrack for Introspective, Personal-Demon Facing

Mixing an intoxicating concoction of goth-pop with a hip-hop inflection, DeathByRomy crafts the kind of poignant, midnight-bumpers made to soundtrack all manner of introspective dives into the rabbit hole where your demons live. Working in a similar vein as other husky-voiced songstresses like Lana Del Rey, Lorde, and Zola Jesus — Romy leans into her lower-octaves with a lushly dark zeal that is all sonorous howls one moment, breathy murmurs the next, and bullet-spitting, tearing beats to pieces with her lyricisms the next. Her debut Monsters is all sharp right-turns into the seemingly bottomless wells of the singer’s inner workings, one as intensively honest as it is filled to the brim with cutting beat-work.

Its opening track “Don’t Fall For Monsters” is a romanctic’s doom-drenched ballad, a shuddering opening of the gates that introduces listeners to the dark atmospherics of the album. And then she’s tossing her lines like knives alongside features of Young Bans and Lil B, her velvet voice still retaining its allure with a newfound austerity amongst oscillating rhythms. It’s an ambitious foray into the different genres that seem to come so naturally to the singer, but Romy more than sticks the landing. You won’t find any trite pop lyricism here, as with “Romy Whats on Your Mind,” a bleeding-soul evisceration that tears off any remnants of a facade between singer and listener, as Romy presses her face to the proverbial screen and lays it all bare.

At 18-years-old and with her recent album already under her belt, DeathByRomy intends on putting into full throttle for 2019. She plans on finishing her second project and beginning her third, as well as “creating visuals for my music that does it justice like never before.” You can expect to see her on a number of playlists and buzzings about the up-and-coming artists for next year. It’d be a tragedy for your ears to continue to sleep on her.

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