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Dresage Gains Momentum With Her Many Styles of Finely Woven Synth Pop

Though she began putting out songs in 2017, this was the year of Dresage. The LA-based songwriter and producer made leaps and bounds in the past twelve months, not only in this project, but with a second equally as loveable project called More Giraffes. Now she turns to 2019, which is already shaping up to be an eventful year.

When we covered her single “Dinner’s at Home” back in September, the artist known as Keeley Bumford had been hard at work on her debut EP. That single appeared on what would be a self-titled release, along with four other stellar works of synth pop. Her very first single, “Center,” warps the mind and “Sediment,” the last one to be released, is a downtempo dream that could have been performed by Kimbra.

Bumford will be a pop star with a devoted audience, and not just because on the surface the music is catchy. She has a well of talent that we have only begun to tap; she produces all her own music. Though not an overt activist, Bumford is unafraid to process political moments with her art. For example, her set list at the Moroccan earlier this month included a newly finished track that she wrote after Kavanaugh was confirmed on the Supreme Court. In that vein, she is also incredibly sensitive, wearing complex emotions on her sleeve as if her songs were cheap therapy sessions, as she remarked with a laugh at the Moroccan.

Next year, Bumford promises a new multi-track release under Dresage and more from More Giraffes as well. Her next show is at the Hotel Cafe in January, and she will continue to flex her muscles with commercial music production. Read about her forthcoming collaborations and follow the links to follow Dresage below.

“I’ve turned the second part of my 2018 to collaborating with female producers and artists and it’s been incredibly empowering. G. Smith who is a stunning artist/producer and I will have a song coming out early 2019 and I’m currently working on a collection of songs with the magical Lily Kershaw (Nettwerk Music) that I’m helping produce and write.”

Come to the Hotel Cafe on January 11th for Ames residency featuring Dresage and Torii Wolf (get tickets). Listen to the Dresage EP on SoundCloud or wherever you stream music. Follow Dresage on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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