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Bone Acre

Bone Acre

Photo: Bill Henry

Post-punk Bone Acre Channels Emotional Virtue and Victim Empowerment in an Era that Would Have Them Silenced

In a whirlwind of raw emotionality, post-punk quintet Bone Acre have taken it upon themselves to put to music a story of survival amidst and in the aftermath of assault: an experience that singer Caroline Heerwagen holds up to the light with such painful honesty. It’s a story that isn’t new, but one that has been slowly pushed out of the shadows as more people are given a voice and safe spaces where they don’t have to fear oppressive retribution in retaliation for naming their assaulters. But the wave of support that’s come with the stories of the #MeToo era has not been without its fair share of obstacles, mainly due to a patriarchal society that consistently chooses to question, blame, and punish victims rather than their attackers. And such was the climate in which Bone Acre released one of their first singles in the form of the country-noir “It’s OK,” when a judge was allowed to take his spot amidst such allegation on the highest court in the land. Channeling a warm-inflection a-la Feist and biting off every line with a vivid intensity, Heerwagen is all burning rage in the black-and-white video for the single, flailing in her rebellious black-hat persona against all the silence that’s been burgeoning around her for years.

Bone Acre – “It’s OK” (Official Music Video) from Spencer Showalter on Vimeo.

Heerwagen was raised in home under two military officers and taught in no uncertain terms to repress her feelings from an early age. And because of this, she was forced to face the trauma of her assault alone and in the dark. Dually personal and sadly universal, Bone Acre is catharsis wrapped up in their noisy, virulently guitar-driven songs, full of a pent-up angst and discord apt in capturing what survivors of assault experience. Looking forward, Heerwagen and company do not intend to slow down. Her goal is to continue to make art that “pushes [her] and inspires [her]. And to get some other people inspired along the way.”

With plans to debut a live event “designed to empower women,” alongside a new album, new music videos, and contribution to a yet unnamed compilation, Bone Acre intends to live out 2019 with that same spirit in mind.

“2018 was a real awakening for us. I’m so grateful for all the friends and fans we’ve made this year. 2019 feels like the time to start beating the drum. I’m really feeling that, and I can’t wait for what’s next.”

Visit the Bone Acre’s Instagram and “It’s OK,” to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

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