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Katzù Oso

katzu oso

Katzù Oso Has As Many Layers As His Beloved ‘Pastel’

LA bedroom pop has a new name and it’s Katzù Oso. His debut mixtape, Pastel, came out over the summer and since then his audience and influence have grown significantly. For good reason: his sweet electronica melodies and lyrics in distinct Spanglish will make you swoon. The rise of this Latinx artist comes at a beautiful time for the culture, with other stars like Helado Negro, Cuco, and Empress Of leading the charge—in their respective genres; for all intents and purposes, Hernandez is forging his own path.

Fans of HOMESHAKE and Men I Trust will gravitate to the smooth indie pop of Katzù Oso, né Paul Hernandez. Something about the close-textured quality of his production makes the recent release ripe for repeats. His debut single, “Sophie,” is a soft-focus love song that almost sounds like a karaoke version of itself, with generous echoes behind squeaking synths. Another popular cut from Pastel, “Honeydew” slows down the tempo but amps up the sultry vibes. The music is meant to soothe, but Hernandez’s mind doesn’t see it as straightforward. The title “gives off different meanings. It’s the type of color and also pastel (cake in Spanish) has layers,” he told OC Weekly, adding with a laugh, “It can mean whatever you want it mean. It could mean cake like booty, too.”

If 2018 was a great time for the LA-based artist, then 2019 is sure to be monumental. This past year saw Hernandez playing many shows around the city, including at the Hi Hat and Resident. He headlined a sold-out night at the Echo much to his own disbelief. He, of course, put out his debut mixtape, and never paused his songwriting either. That means that next year he will continue his momentum, joining the Marìas (who we featured on our forecast last year) for a few dates and releasing a sophomore record. There is sure to be more than that awaiting fans, so follow his socials to stay in the know.

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