empress of

Photo by Dana Boulos

A few years ago, LA native Lorely Rodriguez, also known as Empress Of, released her debut record to indie acclaim. In the time since, it seems as though she has been constantly working on new material, putting out a couple of bold solo tracks and collaborating with Blood Orange (whom she recently opened for at the Greek), Dirty Projectors, DJDS, and others. Finally, her sophomore album has a release date (October 19th!) and her latest single is filled with a rumbling determination.

Deep brass will force you on your feet for “Love For Me.” The chorus feels like a lover’s ultimatum; if you tell them you’re in love, then prove it, and never forget what it feels like to fight. Elsewhere, Rodriguez protests inaction, demanding we all go out and confront the disaster that has unfolded. She even remarks on the futility of holding back:

The whole world spins on
A thin string
Touché let’s get up off our seat

Empress Of faces outward on the new record. She called her debut Me, and the follow-up will go by the more inclusive, Us. Inspecting the tracklist leads to another deliberate parallel: the opening song on the 2015 LP was “Everything Is You” and the forthcoming will begin with “Everything To Me.” Growing on foundational self-reflections, Us will be significant for old and new fans alike.

Empress Of is scheduled to perform at Tropicalia Festival taking place Nov. 3 & 4 at the Queen Mary Long Beach. Also on the lineup are Morrissey, Cardi B, Mac DeMarco, Kali Uchis, Chicano Batman and many more.

Pre-order Us via Terrible Records. Follow Empress Of on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.