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dgtl clr
Hot Artist Alert: DGTL CLR brings the 90s to your ears

A 90s blast-from-the-past packed with modern utilizations of synths and electro-dance, DGTL CLR is a powerhouse of sonic beats born out of the head of Devereaux Jennings. Think Miike Snow but with a few more metric tons of funk courtesy of Jennings obvious infatuation with building expansive electronic soundscapes for all manners of groovy instrumentals […]

Rituals of Mine explode with raw energy at Resident Downtown LA

The city is bursting with end of the year happenings. Los Angeles-based Rituals of Mine joined the festive season with their final show of the year. The eventful night took place at Resident DTLA Lead singer Terra Lopez was an eruption of energy in every song. Heads bobbed, sweat flowed and hair flew, while the percussion coexisted with […]

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