Loaded With Charisma Sarah Neufeld (of Arcade Fire) Kicks Off Solo Tour at Resident

Sarah Neufeld photo

Sarah Neufeld (of Arcade Fire)

At the end of last year, Downtown Los Angeles welcomed a new venue, Resident, a cozy, intimate space that opened its doors to live music. This spot has become part of the industrial, artistic neighborhood and features exclusive shows with fantastic sound and unique aesthetics.

Opening acts Contact Field Orchestra and Eartheater warmed up the stage. I was then lucky enough to check out the headlining performance of Canadian violinist, Sarah Neufeld, of Arcade Fire fame. Pretty dress and all smiles, Neufeld’s excitement was infectious, and she launched into an array of indie, avant-folk songs from her new album The Ridge, a follow up to her debut solo album, Hero Brother.

Sarah Neufeld photo

Sarah Neufeld at Resident

Loaded with charisma, Neufeld began her set accompanied only by percussion and her vocals flowed like waves amidst the intensity of her violin. I’m a complete sucker for good sound and craft cocktails, all which were provided at the show. Great music + great venue = a successful night.

The one thing that threw me off was the crowded Hewitt street, making it very difficult to find parking, even on a Monday night, which led to a scary interaction with a crazy, street person, and ultimately resulting in the loss of show photos. It was a shocking and disturbing event that proved to be a stark contrast to the great time had at the show. Enjoy your live music experience but remember to always be alert when leaving a concert venue late at night, and venturing home in the dark.

Words: Farah Sosa

Sarah Neufeld photo 2

Sarah Neufeld at Resident

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