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Swoon Over JEMS Enchanting (and Witty) Alt-Folk-Pop

Sometimes you just need to get a little high and sing your heart out to some infectious alt-folk-pop. L.A. folk-harmonizers JEMS captured our hearts this past year with their honest, unapologetic lyrics and gorgeously harmonized alt-folk melodies. Made up of three empowering women: Jessica Rotter, Emily Colombier and Sarah Margaret Huff, the three vocal beauties conjure up effortlessly singable songs that make you just want to sing / feel / sing! When Grimy Goods premiere their single “Clay” we were instantly taken. Songs like “Clay” soar with emotional wanderlust — building from a breathy, light folk meandering into a vibrant cascade of layered croons. As the first song the band has written together, “Clay” represents something of an affirmation for JEMS’ commitment to being organic, authentic, and empowered, especially in the level of vulnerability and intimacy they espouse with their music.

While songs like “Clay” filled our love tanks, JEMS have gone even further to make us crumble over their enchanting vocals. Not only can the girls sing beautifully uplifting tunes, but they have quite the playful personalities. JEMS holiday song “High For The Holidays” is AWESOME. There’s nothing like hearing beautiful harmonies crafted in the spirit of getting those eyes glazed and getting a lovely high. I mean, isn’t that how we all survive the holidays?

JEMS have clearly won us over with their music, and their clearly awesome personalities. This past year the women have performed at The Hotel Cafe, SoFar Sounds, and Echo Park Rising to name a few. They closed their year with an invite to Warner Bros where they showcased some of their music. In 2019, JEMS will be dropping more new music and playing more local shows and then some. Follow JEMS via their Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on new releases and future tour plans. And if you see them on a local bill, jump on the opportunity to see them live.

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