Forecast: 20 Los Angeles Bands / Artists to Watch in 2020

It’s about that time! We’ve flipped our cards and shined our crystal balls and now it’s time to present you all with our annual forecast of Los Angeles artists / bands to watch in the new year. This year we upped the ante from 15 L.A. bands to 20! And trust, after what we saw and heard last year — we probably could have added a few more; but these digital pages shine with new music just about every day and there shall be room for all.

This year we’re doing things a little differently in an effort to give each artist a bit more shine here, and on our socials. We’ll be rolling out 5 new acts every day until we hit 20. So be sure to bookmark this page for the latest additions.

Similar to years past, our annual forecast features up-and-coming Los Angeles (area) indie bands, lesser known acts and singer-songwriters. Many of these bands have already been featured on our pages, and / or we caught them live. These L.A. acts have made us smile not just through their music, but the content that comes along with it — such as music videos, honest / #realtalk Instagrams, putting in WERK at local venues, and just showing the f*ck up.

Whether guitar rock, electro pop or feel-good serenades and more — Grimy Goods’ annual forecast of L.A. bands and artists to watch includes all walks of life, encompassing those that create music — no matter what genre — that simply stand out with some serious potential.

Past Grimy Goods forecasts have featured rising Los Angeles acts such as Rituals of Mine, Velvet StarlingsReyna Tropical, Lola Kirke, Bishop BriggsThe MariasLauren Ruth WardThe RegrettesAlexandra Savior, Ryn WeaverGallantMeg MyersGirlpoolOdessa, Death Valley GirlsBANKS and more. You can view all of our past forecasts here.

With that said, in no particular order, check out our 2020 Artists to Watch below!


Kate Clover Set to Shine in 2020 with Her Throwback Rock ‘N’ Roll

Kate Clover
Kate Clover at Lodge Room — Photo: ZB Images

A bit of Ramones, a bit Wanda Jackson and of course, a bit of Blondie (and not just because the color of her hair) — Kate Clover is expected to bud in 2020 with her fiery dose of rock ‘n’ roll.

Formerly of Ex-Sage, Clover has always had a knack for commanding the attention of a room. Whether her style, guitar skills, or that delightful throwback-rock ‘n’ roll croon — Clover is a pleasure to catch live. We recently caught Kate Clover at the Lodge Room while touring with Grimy Goods’ fave Death Valley Girls; and well, her set was pretty damn awesome.

This past October, Clover released her debut single, “Channel Zero.” The punchy punk track is absolutely addictive. With a playful sound dripping with power chords, the song is actually a “defiant rallying cry against mindless media and political puppets”

And just a few days ago, Kate Clover shared the live video for “Channel Zero.” Created from footage shot over months on the road touring with Tiger Army, Sadgirl, and Death Valley Girls, the video captures the raw energy of Clover’s live show.

“These songs come to life onstage,” explains Clover. “I wanted this project to be a plug and play type of band. Keeping it as simple and as raw as possible. My first musical love is punk so getting to play a blasting set like ours was heaven on earth.”

Kate Clover will be taking over the Bootleg Theater every Monday night this January. Her free residency night comes along with performances by Cat Scan, Strawberry Army, Premonitions, Vaguess, Nice, and more! As well as DJ sets from Death Valley Girls, Sextile, Crocodiles and Danny Dodge. Clover’s residency kicks off Jan. 6 with Nice, Jordan Jones, Vaguess, and a DJ set by Brandon Welchez of Crocodiles.

With a debut full-length LP coming out later this year, fans can rejoice in some new material very soon. Kate Clover is set to release a cover of Wanda Jackson’s “Funnel of Love” — this Friday (Jan. 10). Those who have recently seen her on tour know the effects of this song when performed live by Kate Clover.

Follow Kate via Instagram and Facebook to keep up with her moves.

Words: Sandra Olinger

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