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Annika Rose

Annika Rose Poised To Make Quite the Splash in 2020

L.A. native and singer/songwriter Annika Rose recently shared a music video for her song “Fly To You” off her debut EP Ventura Boulevard and it is the perfect jittery, whimsical companion to the singer’s likewise persona.

At just 17-years-old Rose is poised to make quite the splash in 2020 with big plans to release her first album set tentatively for this year, but it’s what she’s already accomplished that makes this artist so exciting to watch and listen to. Her video for “Fly To You,” directed by Ece Gurlu (Christina Aguilera, Halsey) and Kit Walters, finds Rose at her most imaginative and gleefully intimate, spilling out all the questions and insecurities that emerge in the wake of heartbreak via playfully hand-drawn animations and images of herself in cardboard wings running down the street. There’s something deliriously hopeful about the way Rose even deals with such grief and when overlayed over her hook-filled, organically pop sensibilities — her songs jump with a kind of tentative optimism.

“In 2020 I really want to test myself as a writer through trial and error. I’m so used to writing in a certain environment. I want to find more outlets for curiosity which in turn will affect how I write and the content of what I’m talking about. I think if I can do that I will accomplish my goal to release my first full length album, and play shows in every possible place that I can! I’m so excited to keep sharing my stories and experiences through music, and hearing how it resonates with other people. It’s the most fulfilling thing in the world.”

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Words: Steven Ward

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