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Chaos Chaos Hype Up and Look Ahead at the Next Decade with New Singles

Chaos Chaos, the indie-synthpop creation of sisters Chloe and Asya Saavedra, has had a busy decade. After releasing three critically acclaimed albums as Smoosh, in 2012 the duo had to change the name of their band because of its growing association with Snooki, kickstarting a new era in their musical careers as Chaos Chaos. Two EPs and a full-length album later, Chloe and Asya are clearly ready to ring in a new decade with more surprises and new music. The band has teased more new music in 2020 even while already releasing three new singles to ring in the new year with: “Theaters,” “Improv Song,” and “Armed and Dangerous.” They’ve also shared a reissue of Withershins, their final album as Smoosh, complete with bonus track “He Will Always Come Back.”

Like we’ve said, they’ve been super busy. You can watch the videos for two of their new singles and in the process get a taste for what Chaos Chaos has in store for the new year. Stripping away some of their more electronic tendencies, Chloe and Asya blend post-punk energy and rabid percussion lines with lush-pop sonics on “Theaters”–catching themselves in a similar vein to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Bloodboy. While on “Improv Song,” the duo finds solace in the wide-open spaces of a listful synth ballad. The point is even as Chaos Chaos look back, they’re constantly looking forward; each new iteration of their music and identities never truly feeling like some return to form but rather an ever-constant evolution of their sound.

“It’s about the inner and outer world and how people navigate it,” the duo said of new single “Theaters.” “We can go through the motions of life, projecting everything from past experiences onto every new place we go. Every alleyway we walk through, every room we enter, or every person we meet can be seen as a projection of our inner world. The song is about thinking of the world as a theater that plays out our own inner dramas.”

Chaos Chaos has plans for new music in 2020, be on the lookout for new releases and a tour. Visit their website, Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated on future releases and tour announcements.

Words: Steven Ward

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