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Los Retros
Los Retros — Photo: Ross Harris

Los Retros Merges Lush Dream-Pop and Central-South American Textures into Something Sublime

He may just have graduated high-school but Mauri Tapia has spent already a bulk of his time creating music as Los Retros, a homage to Chilean pop group Los Ángeles Negros and purveyor of 70-80s soft-rock with Latin-pop mixed-in for good measure. Tapia has been making music since he borrowed his older brother’s guitar at age eight and by sixteen he was putting tracks up online, building a dedicated following via word of mouth.

With his debut EP Retrospect the woozy, dream-pop melodics have crystallized into a collection of songs that wander in-and-out of Los Retros budding consciousness. R&B tones waft soulfully through the singer/songwriter’s affecting conversations on love–platonic and otherwise.

“Nostalgic Vibrations” and the decidedly funky “Last Day On Earth” reveals a near-endless well from which Los Retros draws his lush creations, with the latter promising–through a groovy horn solo, loose percussion echoes, and Tapia’s pulled back croons–a near-constant state of progression and experimentation from such a young but talented voice.

With plans for new music, Los Retros will kick off their new year with a handful of West Coast tour dates including stops at the House of Blues in San Diego on February 19 and the Concert Lounge in Riverside on February 20. Visit his Twitter and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words: Steven Ward

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