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Saro – Photo: Alexander Black

Saro Finds Personal Catharsis in the Darkest Depths of his Music

Saro (pronounced “sorrow”), the angel-voiced crooner and moniker of Evan Windom, has never shied away from the darker manifestations that emerge in his music. At 30-years-old, Windom has a lifetime of strife that he pulls from to populate the dark soundscapes he creates–often as a form of personal therapy–in his music. Queer, biracial, and a product of turbulent divorce — the evolution of Windom into Saro might’ve happened by accident (a catalyst of a friend and him getting drunk in college and recording some covers) but everything since has been nothing but intentional. His sophomore EP Die Alone is the cathartic synthesis of all the dark shit that Saro so emphatically affirms is necessary to sing about in order to get it out of his system. Songs like “Nothing Remains” and “Justify” touch the very edges of pain and personal triumph over such monumental angst that Saro embodies in his music.

Currently, Saro is in the studio working on his debut LP with singles expected to be released in the spring through a summer release, with a tour to be announced in the near future.

“For me, 2020 is about collaboration and expansion. My past few projects have been pretty close to chest so I want to venture out of my cave this year. I want to cross genres and create with people who I can learn from and evolve. There’s nothing more exciting than creating with the perspectives of new musicians, visual artists, photographers, and choreographers. I also want to push myself to become a better instrumentalist as well as perform in new territories. As a human, I want to spend more time giving back to my community and stay as present as possible on this twisted fucked up journey.”

Visit Saro’s website, Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words: Steven Ward

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