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Local Synth Pop Artist Kingsbury Is Ready to Build on Last Year’s Growth

It seems that 2019 was formative for local pop-rocker Caroline Kingsbury, known simply by her surname. She reckoned with coming-of-age in today’s political landscape and her own queerness in “In My Brain” and “Breaking Apart” respectively, and those revelations were unveiled just last summer. At this point, she is overdue for an album, and her history of supporting bands like Alex Lahey and CHAI bodes well for fans seeking to hear Kingsbury live this year as well. 

Kingsbury’s bold synth-pop sound channels The Cure, a noted personal fave of hers, and may incidentally stir up strong nostalgia for the ‘80s. It also conjures a commanding vulnerability, emblematic of a duality that persists throughout her music. There are always two sides to her stories, yet she can’t seem to escape the complicated no-man’s-land in the middle. This Los Angeles artist is bursting with potential, so keep your ear to the ground for all things Kingsbury. 

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Words: Zoe Elaine

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