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rachel oto

Road Worn Rachel Oto Finds Her Footing, with New Music and Tour Planned for 2020

People say that Los Angeles is fake, but they don’t know Rachel Oto. She makes self-proclaimed saloon rock, or what may also be described as brooding Americana, comprised of vivid storytelling and intricate acoustic instrumentation. Oto’s honesty is what sets her songwriting apart and makes her an artist to watch in the new decade. 

In 2016, Oto began her solo project with a four-track EP called Run, an apt description of the music itself. Her style seemed rooted in rockabilly, racing to the bridge with a cascade of strings and guitar accompaniment. This past summer she showed us that she is capable of so much more, not only sonically, but emotionally as well; her 2019 single, “Road Song” is held together by a distant harmonica wail that defines the song almost as much as the lyrics. 

Oto plans to waste no time in the new year, with a single, music video, and EP launch all in the works. Her next single, “Angel,” will appear on an as-yet untitled EP due out in March; fans can expect to see her on tour sometime in the spring. 

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Words: Zoe Elaine

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