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Fawns of Love Continue to Blossom in 2020 with Tour Plans and New Music

Fawns of Love have been tickling our senses all year with their illustrious shoe-gaze melodies from their latest album, Permanent. Filled with lush synths, dreamy vocals and a delightfully sublime vibe, the wife-husband duo made up of Jenny and Joseph Andreotti truly sparkled this past year. After naming Fawns of Love as an honorable mention in our 2019 Forecast, the duo is getting the shiny full page in 2020.

Songs like “Mournful Eyes” glimmer with a gorgeous melancholy, while the album’s opening track “Someday” is more of an upbeat number (for shoegaze) where you might catch yourself goth-ly dancing into the night. With Permanent being an album favorite for many, Fawns of Love recently cut a special Part-Time Punks Sessions LP where the duo performed alternate versions of their Permanent tracks. This delicious version of an already dream-pop treat will be released soon.

With plans for a summer tour and more new material, Fawns of Love are already setting that positive energy in motion.

“We want to create more music, tour, and teach more amazing students. Music is so unpredictable and we can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store for us.”

Btw, how awesome is it that both Jenny and Joseph are full-time educators? They’re quite the inspiring duo who we can’t wait to see blossom even more in 2020. Keep up with Fawns of Love via their Instagram and Facebook, and catch the band live at Zebulon on Jan. 16, opening for Cold Showers.

Words: Sandra Olinger

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