cold showers
Photo credit: Shannon Cornett

In the realm of post-punk, Cold Showers live up to their name. A douse of this local trio will shock your system. The band has been grinding around Los Angeles for many years, and their gothic and noisy style has been a constant throughout their career. After a recent re-pressing of their debut LP, Cold Showers are ready to put out their third record, Motionless, this May. Don’t miss the record release show at the Echoplex in July.

Having faith is not just for the devoted. With their new single, Cold Showers explore the term’s flexibility, perpetuating it with recognizable spiritual motifs in lines like “I’m down here on my knees. The music video is predicated on a striking color palette, and it relies on the diverse emotions that the actors wear on their sleeves. Yet, the band’s faith is shaky at best, diminishing it by calling it temporary and refusing to deepen their devotion. If to have faith means to trust against logic, Cold Showers can no longer suspend their disbelief.

A church of Cold Showers could worship mind-numbing feedback, sending prayers to almighty fuzz. Fans don’t need to overcomplicate their faith, though; they will accept Cold Showers as their god. Find time for worship at the band’s joint record release show with Second Still this July at the Echoplex. Pre-order Motionless on Dais Records.

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