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Nicole Kiki Jaffe’s 2020 Vision Includes Plenty of New Music

In 2019, Nicole Kiki Jaffe shed her past. Letting go has spun her into a phase of expansion and in 2020, we get to reap the musical benefits.

Nicole’s powerful upcoming single, ‘The Lion’s Den’, will be out on January 30th with a release show at the Hi Hat in Highland Park. She’s shared with us that 2020 will bring releases she’s been working on for the past three years, more dance music videos and an official, full length album.

“I’m excited to finally set this music free. I want to continue collaborating with artists across genres, including other musicians, producers, photographers, dancers, choreographers, directors, and visual artists.” She tells us. “I want to cultivate a more experimental dynamic in my performances, bringing in some dance and trying out some new sounds. I’m approaching this year with 2020 vision!”

Catch the fervor live at her release show on January 30th with Babers, Fox Violets, and Lauren Lakis (presented by Fierce Femme Sounds). Stay tuned in by following Nicole on Instagram.

Words: Ariana Tibi

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