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Geneva White

Silk-Voiced Singer/Songwriter Geneva White Teases Debut EP in 2020

Los Angeles multi-instrumentalist and jazz vocalist, Geneva White revels in the intimacy that is imbued in her songwriting. A kind of soft-spoken, gently delivered tenderness that radiates from her words and sparse melodies into emotional crescendos. Anything but a stranger to the stage, White has opened for acts like the Arctic Monkeys, and has even sung back-up for Lorde. With plans to release a long EP and begin collaborations with other artists in 2020, White closed out the decade with the release of her song “FRAME,” a heart-aching ballad that hones in on the singer’s emotionally potent vocals.

The new decade holds a lot of promise and hope for White, not just as an artist, but as a person as well; apart from goals of being more healthy and creating a better routine for herself, she also wants to pay off a health debt incurred due to the rare autoimmune disease she possesses. White says she would like to tour (hopefully one day with Adele and / or Phoebe Bridgers) despite her health problems; “to both prove to the people who won’t take the chance on me that it’s doable, and inspire others with similar health conditions who really just need a little encouragement, like I did.”

“In 2020, as an artist, I’d like to put out as much music as possible, including a few side projects in different genres. It’s a dream of mine to have my music in more movies and short films. I love telling stories and I feel that the right combination of film+music can bring you to another dimension that brings you out of your own head, and to me that’s magic. I’d also like to continue writing / working with other bands I’m a fan of on their projects. I love seeing projects from start-to-finish and I feel like I see the potential in people pretty clearly. So it’s fun for me to connect others and see special projects at their inception.”

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Words: Steven Ward

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