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Talker – Photo: Niles Gregory

Talker is the Alt-Pop Songstress to Take 2020 by Storm with Her Debut

Celeste Tauchar–the budding singer/songwriter behind Talker–has spent 2019 positioning herself for her breakout year. Her most recent single, “Learning the Feeling,” is as much a testament to her musical talent as it is to her tenacity in sticking with her work as a musician. The result is an alt-pop mixture that sees Tauchar–in the music video for the song–asserting a sense of control over herself and her aspirations via a blistering catharsis. The name of her act is in itself a symbol of people’s underestimation of her: “Talker” being the way people have been mispronouncing her name all her life. But now Tauchar is ready to make her debut, to step into the limelight she’s danced around since she first started cutting her teeth in the electro-pop band FRENSHIP, and find her niche.

With plans for new singles and an EP slated for release in March 2020, as well as a full-length release in the near future, Talker is poised to make some big moves in the new year.

“My goal for 2020 is really to just keep consistently putting out music that I’m really proud of and letting that speak for itself. I’ve grown as an artist so much in the past year and a half that this project has been active, and if the pattern continues I can only expect to continue pushing myself and releasing new material throughout the whole year.”

Talker will be going on a small west coast tour in January 2020, you can find tickets for the show near you here. Visit her Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words: Steven Ward

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