Local songwriter Celeste Tauchar earned her stripes touring with bands like Frenship, but has proven her independent prowess with her new EP as talker. The leading singles were a good indication of what was to come, and the full release packs a punch. The record is due out tomorrow, but today you can listen to Horror Films exclusively on Grimy Goods below. See talker perform at the Hi Hat next week, supported by Colyer, Emma Cole, Niki Black, and more; more info.

Show me your haunted side and I’ll show you mine,” Tauchar taunts in the title track. Much of the record embraces pain as if grabbing a rose by the stem with bare hands. Triggers from a volatile relationship plague “Collateral Damage.” Atmospheric elements fill in the (apt) space on “Passive” and the comfortable disquiet of “Changes.” With such raw vulnerability, her songwriting is disarming.

Grunge runs in Tauchar’s blood. At the same time, she builds tension expertly. On “Horror Films,” certain phrases are afforded more power than others; the bridge provides the perfect fodder to sing along to until your lungs are sore. “Intimidated” is the best choice to close the EP for this reason; most of the track winds up for the cathartic release in the final minute.

“This EP is really special to me because it captures a pivotal moment in my life. With these songs I figured out who I wanted to be as an artist, what I wanted to sound like, and ultimately the trajectory that I want to have for my future releases. This EP is me moving to LA and finding myself – or at least a part of myself. And I’m super ready for it to be out in the world so I can keep writing and putting out even more music.”

Celeste Tauchar

See talker at the Hi Hat on Feb 27, with support from: Colyer, Emma Cole, Beck Pete, Niki Black, and Iron Point. FIND TICKETS

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