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Samantha Sidley

Samantha Sidley is the Jazz Vocalist and Suave Songstress You Need in 2020

Los Angeles-based jazz singer Samantha Sidley released her debut album last year in the form of Interior Person but she’s poised to make 2020 another year of milestones. This month, Sidley will be releasing a solo vocal, non-instrumental cover of her favorite childhood song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on January 17. From there the singer has a free show at Zebulon (L.A.) and three nights in New York at The Green Room — shows that you don’t want to miss if you can swing it.

Sidley has already built up a budding reputation as a beguiling performer and entertainer. Music videos for songs “I Can’t Listen” (written by Inara George) and “I Like Girls,” both directed by Nigel DeFriez, reveal the large pendulum swings of emotion Sidley can encompass in her music –maneuvering from French-cinema inspired and noir to the color-splash of ebullient pop with slick dexterity. Sidley already has big goals for the new year and you’d be remiss to leave her off your radar for even just a season.

“As an artist, I want every show to feel like a party.  I want everyone who takes the time and money to come out to see me feel held, appreciated and ENTERTAINED!” Sidley said of her 2020 resolutions. “As a person–other than further committing myself to social and environmental justice–I’d like to smoke a little less pot and be a little less stressed.”

Samantha Sidley will be playing a free show at the Zebulon in Los Angeles on January 20. Visit her website, Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated on tour announcements and new releases.

Words: Steven Ward

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