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Cowgirls — Photo: Zane Roessell

Cowgirls To Bend Country-Goth-Metal into New Contortions in 2020

Cowgirls, the vehicle for Al Moore’s solo musical endeavors (Cowgirls), has big plans for 2020 as the singer/songwriter intends to release a new EP in the first half of the new year that’ll be sure to fill all your goth-country, pseudo-metal needs. Moore’s creation has always been about confronting societal norms and long complacent ideas, shaking the dust from these with his ever-evolving, ever-dynamic sound that often blends country with a myriad of genres. This is truer than ever on Cowgirls upcoming EP, which the singer describes as “incredibly honest, raw, and at times insane” and will bend even by their standards the limits of such off-kilter combinations.

From helicopter crashes to vampiric romanticism, Cowgirls subject matter is as delightfully outlandish as its sonics informed as it is by Moore’s lightspeed of a mind; but as always perpetually grounded in a human authenticity that is never left by the wayside, rooted as they are in his own burgeoning introspection on life, music, and his love affair with both.

“After the better half of a decade behind the bass in a few different projects that inadvertently lead to Cowgirls releasing two debut singles last year, the forthcoming wave will find me saddling the microphone live for the first time,” Al said of his plans for 2020.

“And continuing to emancipate the bottled ideas that have been silently shaking in the wings of other groups and chapters. We’re just excited to be a new band with a new ideal to symbolize and report. Also, it could very well be due to aging, or to the fact that we’re all starting to pack some years of experience under our belts, but the old adages speaking mere perseverance seem to be parallel to apexes of reinvention that are a rather frequent occurrence, as long as one is willing to attune themselves to the possibilities of growth and reinterpretation. You keep listening and shuffling tiles on the mosaic. Then, the bigger picture emerges. Finally. That’s what’s next.”

Visit Cowgirl’s websiteFacebook, and Instagram to stay updated on future releases and tour announcements.

Words: Steven Ward

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