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Oyster Kids
Oyster Kids — Photo Credit: Blake Zimmerman

Oyster Kids Leave Musical Bread Crumbs Leading into 2020

With music that can best described as bubble gum that bites back, L.A. locals Oyster Kids closed 2019 with another sultry and synth-y single, one of many singles released by the band recently.

“Give In,” is the newest release from Oyster Kids, but the band is already busy with 2020 projections that include a full length album release, multiple collaboration singles and more touring.

While we wait for these things to come into fruition, we’ll have to make due with “Give In.” The tune is a perfect follow up to their previously released singles including“Work It Out” and “Losing My Mind,” both released earlier this year. Equally as poppy, “Give In” evokes the same sweet vibes and dreamy atmosphere. It’s a song drenched in sugary sweet glaze that makes it shiny and hard to ignore. It’s fluid and bubbly, with perfectly timed instrumentals and echoey vocals. But, it’s message is not just bubblegum pop. The song’s lyrics delve into deeper themes including self discovery and acceptance. 

 Oyster Kids consists of Andrew Eapen (vocals, guitar), Jonathan Bradley (drums), Robbie Gullage (bass), and Roy Tanaka (keyboards). The group started recording together as a home recording project with Eapen writing and producing the band’s music. So far, Oyster Kids have only released singles, but these musical bread crumbs will soon lead to a full length release next year. 

To keep an eye out on this young and budding band, visit their website and follow them on Facebook.

Words: Patricia Sanchez

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