Photo by Blake Zimmerman

A bubbly, earworm if we’ve ever heard one, Los Angeles four-piece Oyster Kids new single “Losing My Mind” is a no-brainer add to anyone’s indie-pop playlist. It’s all riveting synth-surges and tambourine echoes that propel the song forward alongside the group’s vocalizations, of which Andrew Eapen’s croons are lent to; Jonathan Bradley delivers the song’s elastic percussion medley, with Robbie Gullage on bass and Roy Tanaka giving it all some dazzling texture on keyboards. But buried beneath all that brightly delivered kinetic energy is a tackling of self-doubt—and the video that accompanies the single waste few frames driving home the scary, strange oddities that come with wrestling with your own mind. Gorgeous landscape shots of glacial ice dead in the water cut between lush green forests and inter-spliced memories—and this underlying tension of hope and fear that currents through the song is accentuated all the more.

“‘Losing My Mind’ is a song about doubting yourself,” the band said of the song. “Sometimes I get lost in my thoughts and start to overthink everything. It turns into focusing on my flaws, and it becomes harder to see outside of that. This song is about the feeling of hopelessness and how its difficult to get out of that mindset.”

Oyster Kids have an upcoming EP and full-length album due later this year. Stay tuned for show dates!

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Watch the Oyster Kids’ video for their new single “Losing My Mind” below!