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Xoller is the Rising Queen of Dream-Pop in 2020

With the release of her debut EP Diamond In My Head released last year solidifying the ethereal crooner as a creator of incisive dream-pop, Xoller deserves a close eye this decade. Her influences range from Elvis and Sinatra to Lana Del Rey and Beach House, but her eclecticism is not just a hodge-podge of sonic touchstones. Xoller fills her turbulent soundscapes with all the dynamic passions owed to the origins of the worlds she creates within them–those origins being her own anxiety and attempts to harness that energy into something constructive.

There’s no shortage of moments on the heavily atmospheric head-spaces of Diamond In My Head that leave you blissfully lost in the wilderness of Xoller’s manifested mind, each track unraveling itself without regard for catchy-hooks or tired construction. These are songs you’re meant to drift with–but by no means does that imply that they don’t have a burning purposefulness to them. And the same underlying urgency that lies inside them is what propels Xoller into the new year as well.

“I feel like 2020 is going to be my most productive year yet. I released an EP last year, and am currently in the studio writing another one. Maybe even a full length – when I start writing, I really go for it. I’m enjoying collaborating with some brilliant artists, and can’t wait to put out new music very soon. But my main focus will be on performing – I put together my live show last year and had so much fun playing around LA with my band, so more shows are definitely on the horizon for 2020. I come from a performance background, so onstage is where I feel most comfortable and free, and I want to expand on that more this year.”

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Words: Steven Ward

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