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Holy Wars at The Echoplex -- Photo: Wes Marsala

Holy Wars at The Echoplex — Photo: Wes Marsala

Holy Wars

Operating with the kind of potent angst and aggression that recalls OK Computer-era tones, Holy Wars was birthed out of the depression, reflection, and loneliness of singer Kat Leon. Fiercely juggling her melodies against guttural guitar riffs and heady noisiness, Leon is at her finest when howling and screaming out the visceral aches her songs stem from. One minute she’s head-banging her way through a gauntlet of electric guitar rips and the next she’s waxing ethereal to the trudge of percussion growths.

With the release of her Mother Father EP just a few months ago, a homage to the loss of both her parents in 2015, Leon has kept Holy Wars steeped in the blistering agony of her painful catharsis. “Back To Life,” struts forwards on the backbone of guitar and Leon’s own wails as she claws tooth and nail for some sort of resurrection, while, “Cruel World,” adds jumpily melodic inflections to the singer’s moody introspections.

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