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Cosmos and Creature
Forecast: 15 Los Angeles Bands / Artists To Watch in 2018

2017 has been an interesting year, a lot of good, and a whole lotta bad. And you know what comes out of some really tough times? Great music. This past year we’ve seen so many Los Angeles acts, especially female-led acts, come into the forefront and reveal their many talents. Each year, Grimy Goods produces […]

vōx at Pico Union
vōx envelopes the Pico-Union Project with illuminating performance

Music is meant to be performed at places of worship. The acoustics in spiritual spaces are designed to maximize the power of prayer through song; the effect can send shivers down the spine of even a crude atheist such as myself. This past Saturday, the Pico-Union Project synagogue played host to some of LA’s most […]

Powerful Producers Empress Of and Banoffee Share Stage at Club Bahia for 30 Days in LA

“Imagine if Banoffee played with Empress Of,” my roommate joked with me last summer. I had just told him that Empress Of was coming to the Echo, and around that time I had been gushing about Banoffee’s masterful second EP, Do I Make You Nervous? It clearly amused him to tease me about two of […]