Banoffee shares #MeToo inspired synth-banger “Count On You”

Photo by Julian Bouchan

Los Angeles-based pop songstress Banoffee has shared the second single from her upcoming album Look At Us Now Dad with new single “Count On You,” a bass-thumping, synth-fueled banger.  The sizzling new track is co-produced by Banoffee with SOPHIE and Yves Rothman. Tour dates announced including a Los Angeles gig at Zebulon.

The song, which attempts to reconcile the severity of sexual assault with solidarity towards its survivors, is also followed with a video that balances these heavy conversations with tender levity. Using a familiar film as a jumping-off point, Banoffee’s music video for “Count On You” is the perfect distillation and example of how music, especially pop, can be the perfect vessel to navigate the harder questions in our society.

“Loosely themed around the Lindsay version of “Parent Trap” this video aims to take some heavy subjects and speak about them in a light hearted yet eerie way. Working out this balance was probably the hardest part, although falling into a frog and slug infested manky ass pond rivals it for first place. There was a lot of sweat, dirt and laughter involved in the making of this clip and it was a thrill to make.”

Banoffee will perform in Los Angeles on April 3 at Zebulon with Sui Zhen. Visit Banoffe’s website, Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Listen to Banoffee’s new song “Count On You” below!

Banoffee Tour Dates

3/16-21/20 – Austin TX @ SXSW
3/26/20 – New York, NY @ The Dance
4/2/20 – San Francisco, CA @ Cafe Du Nord
4/3/20 – Los Angeles, CA @ Zebulon

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