Perto and Banoffee Team Up for “I Miss You,” Recorded Between Melbourne Lockdowns

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The pandemic is at once a worldwide and fiercely local phenomenon—Los Angeles has been at varying stages of locked down over the past six months, while Melbourne, Australia had a period where their restrictions were lifted before a second wave of infections began to spread. In that short requiem, Perto and Banoffee were able to sync up and record a gritty new single. “I Miss You” is a product of the pandemic, yearning to be there for a friend even when distance and hopelessness get in the way. Listen below.

“It’s definitely one of my favorite songs I’ve written in a while and the whole energy of the session was really refreshing, especially after being in lockdown.” – Perto

“I wrote the lyrics to express the feelings of sadness and frustration that come with having a friend in trouble. In the end we’re all helpless and support is all we can offer. ‘I Miss You’ is about missing someone who’s lost in their own web.” – Banoffee

Perto has had a string of fertile collaborations in the past year or so, most notably from Nigerian singer Kah-Lo. The Sydney producer didn’t have to venture far from home to link with Melbourne’s own Banoffee who released her debut LP earlier this year; her voice and lyrical sense is a perfect match with Perto’s proto-tropical production style.

Each chorus is bookended with the song’s namesake line, creating an acute sense of sadness as overblown bass spills into the ether. “I miss you, I know you won’t pick up the phone, I’ll never leave you alone. I miss you,” Banoffee sings on the final refrain as the industrial production breaks down around her. Her affectionate spirit may be the last real thing to hang onto until we can hold our friends again. 

Wear a mask. Follow Perto on Instagram and Twitter. Find Banoffee’s debut LP, Look at Us Now Dad, on Bandcamp or wherever you stream. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Words: Zoë Elaine

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