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Georgi Kay
Song Premiere: Georgi Kay’s New Electro Pop Single is Your New Guilty Pleasure

What’s your guilty pleasure? Chocolate? The Real Housewives? Carly Rae Jepsen? Georgi Kay wants you to get guiltier. Without completely abandoning a sense of morality, Kay advocates for exploration of intrigue, even if the subject of your desire is already spoken for. Her new single is filled with pulsing bass that could fill an auditorium, […]

Song Premiere: Sci-Fi Synth Pop Anthem From Enigmatic Skatterplot

Steven Solomon is a trained jazz musician who performs as the character Skatterplot, only ever seen in a red mask. Ironically, when he writes music, he feels most free. His latest track, “Don’t Stop the Fight” is an uplifting synth pop anthem that wears his resilience on his sleeve; listen to the premiere below. Skatterplot […]

Zoe Elaine |
Rebel and a Basketcase at the Satellite shot by Danielle Gornbein
Rebel and a Basketcase steal the show and take zero prisoners at Satellite gig

They were just one of the openers, but nobody seemed to have relayed that message to dynamic duo Rebel and a Basketcase as they hit the stage at the Satellite Thursday night. Comprised around the talents of Evan Rachel Wood and Zach Villa, everything about the two screams 80’s rock and glam; from their very name (a […]

Steven Ward |
Rebel and a Basketcase
Watch Rebel and a Basketcase’s new video for “Lightning Look” — LA date at The Satellite

Rebel and a Basketcase just released a playful new video for their most intimate song yet, “Lightning Look.” The colorful video stars the dynamic duo made up of Evan Rachel Wood and Zach Villa, and is also Wood’s directorial debut. While Rebel and a Basketcase’s past released videos for “Oh Yeah” and “Escondido” felt more […]

Sandy |
Hot Artist Alert: Lola Sparks — striving to be Berlin’s next breakout artist

Berlin songstress Lola Sparks talks small beginnings, big aspirations for her indie-electronica   At 26-years-old, Berlin native Lola Sparks has the kind of ambitious tenacity for her career as a musician that it’s doubtful her audience will be restricted to one country–or continent, for that matter. For the last five years, Sparks has been piecing […]

Fenech Soler
Fenech-Soler bring the glitz and glam to Bootleg Theater debut

Drawing on an eclectic array of inspirations, which include Michael Jackson’s Dangerous, electro-funk band Fenech-Soler made their Los Angeles debut to a packed Bootleg Theater and baptized the crowd in the shimmering grandiose of their synth-drenched tunes. Comprised of brothers Ben (vocals) and Ross Duffy (guitar), as well as Daniel Soler (bass) and Andrew Lindsay (drums), […]

Steven Ward |
Royal Teeth to headline The Hi Hat Dec. 14 — Stream New EP Amateurs

Louisiana indie dance-pop quartet Royal Teeth are back in action and ready to make you move with  fresh dance-floor ready hits off their new EP Amateurs. The five-track EP was just released November 18th via Round Hill Records, and it’s chockfull of delicious electro-pop ditties, anthemic vocals and eccentric beats. Trust, there’s nothing “amateur” about this album. Royal […]

Mr. Little Jeans
Mr Little Jeans enraptures Constellation Room with invigorating bliss

Monica Birkenes–known by her stage name as Mr Little Jeans–might vibe greatly in the moody atmospherics of shadowy indie-rock that draws comparisons to everyone from Lykke Li to Lana Del Rey, but the Norwegian singer/songwriter moves in a lane all her own. Chances are you’ve caught a listen to her before, as she first put herself […]

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Hot New Music: Toronto’s electro-pop darling DIANA drop sophomore album Familiar Touch

Together, Kieran Adams, Joseph Shabason and Carmen Elle make up DIANA, the ethereal dream team behind 2013’s critically acclaimed Perpetual Surrender, which was even considered for the coveted Polaris Music Prize. Following the release, DIANA seemed to fade into the background, dodging the limelight. Adams revealed to NPR, “It’s easier to be mysterious when you […]

Cherub at Fonda Theatre
Cherub bleed gold, piss excellence at Fonda Theatre show

Like the glitzy electronica purveyors that they are, Cherub lit up the Fonda Theatre last Friday night and left the walls dripping with their overly-saturated synth creations. Led by enigmatic duo Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber, Cherub pulse in the same vein of music and style as Chromeo, right down to their goofy, R&B/hip-hop romanticisms […]

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