Molly Moore’s ‘I Love You But I Don’t Like You’ Gives Heartbreak A New Look

molly moore singer

Bold lyrics and a steady swagger lead the way in Molly Moore’s latest release, ‘I Love You But I Don’t Like You.’ In the aftermath of a breakup, we’re left to grapple with unprecedented feelings, bringing us annoyances like like grief, guilt, and anger. Moore’s track is a brave two minute account of where she’s at with it, and well, the title speaks for itself.

With a confident strut, ‘I Love You But I Don’t Like You’ showcases a dark, flirtatious side to Moore. As if she discovered a newfound power in the loss, it’s a colorful, biting song that will have you singing the lyrics long after the two minute ride is over. The chorus is catchy pop with a liberating hunch, the anthemic kind Moore is known for.

“Sadness is like a costume you can’t take off.” Moore explains. “Being in a long term relationship & grieving is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to navigate, especially when anger & confusing emotions are displaced onto the other person.”

This marks the third release this year for the emotive LA performer, not counting the energetic collaboration, Miracle, that she did with Viceroy.

Transplant by way of the Bronx, Moore is proving herself to be a force for all females in the pop world. Keep up with the energy via Molly Moore’s Instagram and catch her at the Globe Theater July 13th.


Words by Ariana Tibi

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